Cryptic Canada

Cryptic Canada

People marvel at the mummies and pyramids of ancient Egypt, the fascinating stone structure at England’s Stonehenge and the unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.  You might think you have to travel the world to explore strange and mysterious sites. 

But wait! Fascinating wonders like these are much closer than you think. From buried treasure to ice mummies to bootleggers to shipwrecks, curious readers need look no further than our own backyard to discover seven of the Canada’s more intriguing unsolved mysteries. So leave your passport in the drawer and come discover Cryptic Canada.

Shortlisted for:

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2013        OLA Best Bets Book

2013/14  Hackmatack Book Award

2013/14  Rocky Mountain Book Award

2013/14  Red Cedar Book Award

2013/14  Silver Birch Express Book Award


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“This book is bursting with hair-raising illustrations and colour photos, as well as interviews with experts who answer the toughest questions on kids’ minds after reading each chapter.
Open Book Toronto

“The colourful and unique layout is sure to appeal to young readers.                                                     Each chapter ends with an interview with an expert in the field. Discussions with a historian, a professor and a journalist (among others) are included. This interview section is a nice feature of the book, and it may inspire inquisitive kids to consider a career in a research-based profession.                                                                                                                                  The content is interesting and engaging, yet easy to read. This, combined with short chapters and the quick flow of the text, makes this title a good choice for reluctant or struggling readers.”                                                                                                               
CM Magazine

“CRYPTIC CANADA is a fascinating book that brings old mysteries to light using solid research, engaging narrative, and colourful pictures. Readers of all ages are sure to find many compelling mysteries to explore!”                                                                                                     
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