Chris Dearing comes from a long line of losers and a history of bad luck that’s plagued the Dearing family for generations. His only hope runs through the wild rivers of the forbidding North. What is up there other than moose snot and mosquitos the size of bats, you ask? Gold. More specifically, a gold claim won and then lost by Chris’s grandfather, Wally Dearing.

Reclaiming the old family gold stake looks to Chris like his only chance to a) get his family back on the straight and narrow, b) get Social Services off his back and c) turn the Dearing family luck around once and for all.

Will he strike out, like the rest of his family, or strike gold and finally get a chance to rewrite Dearing history? Well it all depends on whether that giant, slobbering moose lets him down from that huge pine tree. The stakes are high and the hi-jinx even higher in this laugh-out-loud novel!

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Shortlisted for:

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2018/19  Silver Birch Award

2018/19  Red Cedar Book Award



Line drawings of gold miner, motorcycle, moose

Mine! has a quick paced plot, with enough twists and turns to keep readers turning pages, and it will appeal to strong readers of all genders in its target age bracket.”

CM Magazine

“With twists and turns, literally and figuratively, and hopes dashed, raised and dashed again, author Natalie Hyde brings her customary light touch to this adventure.”

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