Hockey Girl

Hockey Girl

Tara’s softball team is at the top of their league, but in a town like Cartwright where hockey rules supreme, that earns them as much respect as the cheese sculptors’ guild. When Three Stooges from the boy’s hockey team taunt them about needing to play a ‘real’ sport, the girls decide to teach them a lesson. They form a girl’s hockey team in their off season and take to the ice.

    What starts out as a dare, turns into a bet that threatens to divide the town in an all-out battle of the sexes with honour, and spandex, on the line. Can the Roadrunners pull it together in time to save their season, not to mention their dignity?

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“In Hockey Girl, [Hyde] adds a bit of romance, some smart dialogue and touches of humour that make this a recommended read.”                                                                                       
Winnipeg Free Press

“The treatment of sexism in sports is well done, and Hyde accurately represents the inequalities in prestige and opportunities often found in our culture. [Hockey girl] maintains reader interest throughout with engaging characters, sporting rivalries, and fast-paced hockey action. The portrayal of small town culture is well done, and the solid development of the story and the characters makes Hockey Girl appeal to more than the typical sports fan.”                                                                                                                                             
CM Magazine    

“A great action filled story about competition and equality.”                                                                KidsBookshelf    

“I did really like Natalie Hyde’s Hockey Girl. While it does focus on the sport sufficiently to engage die-hard fans, underneath the excitement of the sport, this novel is more about equity, integrity, and solidarity in all aspects of life.”                                                                 
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“Author Natalie Hyde knows how to write a rollicking good scene, whether it involves the playful banter between adversaries at the local donut shop, or the nail-biting action on the ice. This is a tale not only of girl power, but of what can happen when a community bands together for change.”       
Canadian Children’s Book News